Thank you so much for showing support. We are flattered that you have been inspired by our project. And we really appreciate it when people ask if we have a legal protection on the project - which of course we do. The Tutu Project is a trademarked name and concept. All of the images are also copyright protected. Our idea was trademarked because we use it to help raise awareness for cancer AND most importantly, fundraise for our non-profit the Carey Foundation.

While we can not stop you from creating pictures in a tutu, we do not allow our name or likeness to be used unless there is an agreement with our organization. We also do not allow professional photographers to recreate the images for profit, or to fundraise for any other cause. We use image recognition technology to scan the web for similar images in order to protect our brands.

We hope that you understand this, and will respect the work that Bob and Linda have been putting together for more than 11 years. We believe that you understand this, since you were kind enough to ask us about it! If there is some way that you want to propose that we work together, please send us a proposal for review.